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This site intents to give a better understanding of what Opus Dei is. Basing on true stories and source documents, some authors make analysis about the true nature of Opus Dei. Facts often radically retract the insurances of the official propaganda.

The set out opinions are imputable to their respective authors. All articles have been collected from various contributors.

In order to contact the site administrator, please write to opus-info @ opus-info.org.

Advantages of the technical solution

The code of Wikipedia has been used to present/display documents, articles, books and communications of OpusLibros, ODAN and other contributors.

The advantages are that:

  • Each article can be classified in the categories that correspond to him.
  • Each book is divided in chapters, which allows to qualify each chapter in the corresponding categories.
  • Each author has his own information page. Each one can write up the information regarding each author.
  • The possibility of cooperation of more people in the elaboration of the site is open.

Whereupon to begin?

In order to understand what really Opus Dei is, it is necessary to invest time. The best is to pass through the categories and read all the communications included.

But if you want to read the most important articles, we have a relatively objective and very democratic thing: the ranking of most linked to pages.

If you prefer to dive by the site, you can read a random page. I guarantee that EACH article is VERY interesting.

If you visit the site from time to time and you want to see the new articles that appeared in the site, you have the newest pages list.


Great thanks are due to the collaborators of OpusLibros and ODAN, to the creators of MediaWiki and naturally to the administrator of this site :)