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See also a list of schools, clubs and universities affiliated to the Opus Dei.

Below are two tables revised 5/3/06. The first table lists Opus Dei-affiliated foundations in the United States. Many are strategically located near prestigious schools including MIT, Northeastern, Boston University, University of Notre Dame, UCLA, Colombia, Harvard, Boston College, Princeton, Marquette, University of Illinois, Brown University, Georgetown University, Rice University, UC Berkelely, Stanford University, University of San Francisco, St. Louis University, American University, and more. To access the financial information for the U.S. foundations, click on the foundation, which is linked to Guidestar, then click on the IRS 990 forms. The assets listed are primarily from the 2001 IRS 990 forms, but a few are from 2000 or 2002.

The second table lists sites affiliated with Opus Dei outside the United States. No financial information is available about these sites.

Note that neither of the tables is comprehensive. To the best of our knowledge, this information is accurate. If you have any corrections or additions, please contact us at In order to better understand this list of Opus Dei-affiliated foundations, please read Escriva's Empire in the United States by Sharon Clasen.

United States

US Location (by state)
Opus Dei-Affiliated Foundations (financial info)
Description and Related Websites
Listed Assets
California Association for Educational Development-California

2596 Chestnut St. San Francisco, CA 94123 415-922-1262

600 21st Ave, San Francisco CA 94121 listed as address on 990 form.

Operates a number of Opus Dei residences for women from which spiritual programs and educational classes are carried out, including Charwick Study Center and Chestnut Center.

Berkland Foundation, Inc.

2710 College Avenue Berkeley, CA 94705 510-548-2819

Opus Dei residence for men near the University of California, Berkeley.
Charwick Study Center

448 El Camino Real Atherton CA 94027

650- 327-2349 (See Association for Educational Development-California)

Opus Dei residence for women.

Chestnut Center

2580 Chestnut Street San Francisco, CA 94123 (415) 922-1262 (See Association for Educational Development-California)

Located in the prestigious neighborhood of Presidio Heights, this Opus Dei center for women operates the Pacific Coast Leadership Program and offers many religious and educational programs.

retreat schedule

Menlough Study Center, Inc.

1160 Santa Cruz Ave. Menlo Park, CA 94025 650-327-1675

Opus Dei center for men. Provides doctrinal and religious education for young professional men, graduate students, undergrads, families and children.
Opus Dei Information Office

San Francisco, CA 94102 415-752-7177

Peninsula Foundation

765 14th Ave San Francisco, CA 94118 415-386-0431

Guidestar lists Program/Activities as

Doctrinal & Religious Educational. According to 990 form, residence serves as a training facility for those who direct the apostolic activities of Opus Dei in California for men.

Tilden Study Center, Inc.

655 Levering Avenue Westwood, CA 96137 310-208-0941

Opus Dei residence for men near UCLA. Offers spiritual retreats, workshops, seminars, youth programs, tutoring and youth leadership classes.
Trumbull Manor, Inc.

765 14th Ave San Francisco, CA 94118 415-386-0431

Operates Trumbull Manor Conference Center, 50 Rica Vista, Novato, California, which offers retreats, workshops, classes and seminars in collaboration with Opus Dei.

retreat schedule:

Westfield Residence

500 Kelton Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90024 310-208-5797

Two-story house for college women located within 5 minutes walking distance of UCLA and near other Los Angeles colleges and universities

Also sponsor of the Pacific Coast Leadership Program.

Westwood Study Center, Inc.

108 Kipling Drive Mill Valley, CA 94941 415-388-4531

Opus Dei center for men. Provides doctrinal and religious education, after-school study sessions, tutoring, sports camps, ski trips, etc.
Florida Kingsland Foundation, Inc.

4409 Frances Dr Delray Beach, FL 33445 561-498-1249

Guidestar lists Program/Activities as

Human Service Organizations. According to 990 form, they provide religious and educational services for college and professional men.

Mulholland Foundation

1100 Beach Rd., Unit 3K Vero Beach, FL 32963 561-234-0898

Books in care of 150 Wereimus Ln, Hillsdale, NJ 07642 201-664-2148

Donates to various charities including the Catholic Information Center on the Internet.

Palmtrail, Inc.

344 Palm Trl Delray Beach, FL 33483 646-742-2852

Opus Dei center for women provides educational formation of groups and individuals in connection with Opus Dei.
Roseaire, Inc.

344 Palm Trl Delray Beach, FL 33483 561-278-4990

Guidestar lists Program/Activities as Educational and charitable.

According to 990 form, purpose is to provide, maintain and direct a conference and study center. Activities held at Roseaire are spiritual retreats, workshops and seminars for Christian men and women.

Illinois Alliance for Character in Education

1480 Renaissance Dr Ste 203 Park Ridge, IL 60068 847-298-0170 operates the Willows Academy and the Northridge Preparatory School, independent schools, grades 6 to 12.
Association for Educational Development

5800 N Keating Ave Chicago, IL 60646 773-283-5800, ext. 229

According to 990 form, responsible for the establishment and care of facilities to carry out activities such as philosophy and theology courses, care of chapels, youth camps and clubs, sports activities and classes in ascetical and ethical formation of men.


Castlewood Foundation

5800 N Keating Ave Chicago, IL 60646 773-283-5800

According to 990 form from 2000, support of activities for men conducted by the Roman Catholic Prelature of Opus Dei: Holy Mass, spiritual guidance, retreats, theology classes, direction of apostolic activites, distribution of religious literature. Also gave grant to Rosemoor.
Corporation for Social and Educational Development

4001 W Devon Ave, Ste 500 Chicago, IL 60646

Mission: Promote intellectual development

Programs: Various program service activities for teenage girls and women include spiritual retreats; study classes; grammar school clubs; day camps; leadership programs for high school, college and professional women and housing of students.

Euclid Foundation, Inc.

829 S Euclid Ave Oak Park, IL 60304 708-383-0928

Guidestar lists Program/Activities as

Higher Education Institutions Opus Dei center for men.

Kingswood Academy

PO Box 476 Hinsdale, IL 60522 630-910-9911

Grammar School located at 1501 N. Frontage Road, Darien, Illinois 60561. Pre-K through Grade 8.
Lexington Center, Inc.

4001 W Devon Ave., Ste. 500 Chicago, IL 60646 773-736-9613

Provides training and work experience for women in cleaning and maintenance and care of centers of the Prelature of Opus Dei. Also responsible for seminars, classes and activities for spiritual enrichment.
Lexington College, Inc.

310 S Peoria St, Ste 512 Chicago, IL 60607 312-226-6294 The only women's hospitality institution in the U.S. for the economically challenged.
Lincoln Green Foundation, Inc.

715 W Michigan Ave Urbana, IL 61801 217-367-6650

Opus Dei center for men near the University of Illinois. Provides religious and educational formation in conjunction with Opus Dei.
Midtown Cultural Center, Inc.

1825 N Wood St Chicago, IL 60622 773-292-5450, ext. 237

Gives grants to Lexington Center, Inc. in support of Opus Dei activities and provides cultural and religious classes, retreats, youth programs for men. $78,788
Midtown Educational Foundation

718 S Loomis Ave Chicago, IL 60607 312-738-8300

The Midtown Educational Foundationsponsors the Midtown Center for boys and the Metro Achievement Center for girls, developmental programs for Chicago-area children. See "A compromise bailed out Dance Marathon 2003 and its initial beneficiary," by Matt Donnelly, The Daily Northwestern, February 26, 2003.
Midwest Theological Forum, Inc.

712 S Loomis Chicago, IL 60607 312-421-8135

The Midwest Theological Forum publishes and distributes religious books and sponsors spiritual and pastoral conferences, theological workshops and retreats for members of the Roman Catholic clergy.
Northridge Preparatory School, Inc.

8320 W. Ballard Rd. Niles, IL 60714 847-375-0600 (Operated by the Alliance for Character in Education), college-preparatory school for boys, grades 6-12.
Northview University Center

7225 N Greenview Ave CHICAGO, IL 60626 773-465-3468

residential center for numerary men

tutoring program

Saint Mary of the Angels Church

1850 N Hermitage Avenue Chicago, IL 60622, Phone

773-278-2644 parish run by Opus Dei
The Willows Academy

1012 Thacker Street Des Plaines, IL 60016 847-824-6900 (Operated by the Alliance for Character in Education)

prep school for girls grades 6-12.
Indiana Shellbourne, Inc.

359 W 200 N Valparaiso, IN 46385 773-283-5800, x224

runs the Shellbourne Conference Center, gave grant to Rosemoor, offers spiritual retreats, spiritual direction, doctrine classes, youth programs, etc.
Southold Center for Education, Inc.

400 Plaza Bldg 210 S Michigan St South Bend, IN 46601

not required to fill out a 990 form because their income is less than $25,000.
Windmoor University Center

1121 North Notre Dame Avenue

South Bend, IN 46617


student residence for men near the campus of the University of Notre Dame.
Massachusetts Arnold Hall, Inc.

One Randall Street N. Pembroke, MA 02358 781-826-6477

Arnold Hall Conference Center photos from architect.

Retreat schedule Last IRS 990 form from 1998; now run by the Trimount Foundation.

Bayridge Residence and Cultural Center, Inc.

395 Commonwealth Ave Boston, MA 02215 617-536-2586

Guidestar lists Mission as Formation of women as leaders.

Student residence for college women located in Boston's Back Bay

Brimfield Study Center, Inc.

80 Lombard St Newton, MA 02158 617-244-8994

Guidestar lists Program/Activities as Spiritual formation of women.

Center of Studies for numerary women -- two-year program in theology, philosophy, and spirit of Opus Dei.

Cedar Wood Foundation, Inc.

65 Bradlee Rd Milton, MA 02186 617-333-0257

Guidestar lists Program/Activities as Cultural, educational, religious.

Opus Dei center for women. Provides religious and educational formation.

Chestnut Hill Foundation, Inc.

481 Hammond St Chestnut Hill, MA 02167 617-738-7348

Opus Dei center for men very close to the Boston College campus. Provides spiritual formation to men.
Elmbrook University Center, Inc.

25 Follen St Cambridge, MA 02138 617-354-3204

Opus Dei men's center near Harvard University. Building owned by Trimount Foundation. Provides spiritual formation to men.
Montrose Foundation, Inc.

45 East Central Street Natick, MA 01760 508-650-6925

foundation for the Montrose School for girls
Trimount Foundation, Inc. 481 Hammond St

Chestnut Hill, MA 02167 914-632-3778

Supports Arnold Hall Conference Center, Pembroke, MA and Bayridge Residence; owns Elmbrook Univ. Center. $1,419,720
Missouri Lindell Study Center

700 W Essex Ave Saint Louis, MO 63122 314-822-3627

Opus Dei men's center near St. Louis University.
Wespine Study Center

100 East Essex Ave. Kirkwood, MO 63122 314-821-1608

Opus Dei men's center. Offers character development, spiritual retreats, youth activities in conjunction with Opus Dei.
New Jersey Association for Cultural Interchange, Inc. 20 Nassau St., Suite 232

Princeton, NJ 08542 609-688-1020

Guidestar lists Mission as support of educational programs.
Catholic Information Center on Internet, Inc.

150 B Werimus Ln Hillsdale, NJ 07642 201-664-2148 makes available information of the Roman Catholic faith. Received funding from Mulholland Foundation.
The Clover Foundation

20 Nassau St Ste 232 Princeton, NJ 08542 609-688-1020

Makes charitable contributions to various institutions. See IRS 990 form.

Listed at the same address is the Clover Foundation Fund for the Humanities, which funds scholarship on the "Great Books" of Western civilization.

Higher Education Initiatives Foundation Inc

20 Nassau St. Princeton, NJ 08542 609-688-1020

Guidestar lists Program/Activities as

Scholarships, Student Financial Aid, Awards.

(source: Clover Foundation 990 form)

Mercer House

34 Mercer Street Princeton, NJ 08540 609-497-9448 (see The Nassau Foundation, Inc.)

Opus Dei center for men near Princeton University.

See photo of the house.

The Nassau Foundation, Inc.

34 Mercer St. Princeton, NJ 08540 609-497-9448

Guidestar lists Program/Activities as private independent foundations. Provides educational and religious formation to students.
Scepter Publishers

20 Nassau St. Princeton, NJ 08542 609-683-8773

Publishes and distributes spiritual books and pamphlets on character formation, faith and education in religion and family life.

Southmont Foundation, Inc.

170 Montrose Ave. S. Orange, NJ 07079 873-763-8397

Opus Dei center for men. Conducts programs of doctrinal and religious formation.
Witherspoon Institute

20 Nassau St, Suite 242 Princeton, NJ 08542

The Witherspoon Institute is named for John Witherspoon, a leading member of the Continental Congress, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, the sixth President of Princeton University and a mentor to James Madison. It sponsors research and teaching by means of a fellowship program. It organizes conferences, lectures, and colloquia.
New York Alderton House, Inc.

117 E 70th St New York, NY 10021 212-861-5171

Opus Dei center for numerary women. Offers religious and educational classes for adults and teenagers.
Carl Schmitt Foundation, Inc.

99 Overlook Cir New Rochelle, NY 10804 609-688-1020

Guidestar lists Mission as educational and Programs as Maintains museum for preservation and display of artwork and art library.
Crawford Foundation, Inc.

99 Overlook Cir New Rochelle, NY 10804 914-235-0199

Provides facilities, staff and financial support for offices of the regional vicar in the United States of the Prelature of the Holy Cross and Opus Dei. Also provides religious formation for men.
Heights Foundation, Inc.

524 North Ave., Ste 203 New Rochelle, NY 10801 914-632-3778

According to 990 form, provides facilities to 13 foundations at less than fair rental value for the purpose of aiding the exempt function of these organizations.
Homeland Foundation, Inc.

505 Park Ave., 20th floor New York, NY 10022 212-949-0949

Note: Some members of the board are members of Opus Dei and some grants are given to Opus Dei-affiliated foundations. Though this foundation may not be run by Opus Dei, it may be influenced by them.
Irving Home Arts, Inc.

P.O. Box 1172 Murray Hill Station, NY 10156 646-742-2852

According to 990 form, responsible for the care and maintenance of Opus Dei centers in the New York area.
Murray Hill Institute, Inc.

243 Lexington Avenue New York, NY 10016 (646) 742-2845

Guidestar lists Program/Activities as Women's Rights. No 990 form available. Their website says "Murray Hill Institute is devoted to the study of the distinct contribution that women make to society, especially through professional work. By means of conferences and publications, the Institute explores an eminently positive feminism."
Murray Hill Place Inc.

243 Lexington Ave New York, NY 10016 646-742-2700 (See National Center Foundation[1])

Opus Dei North American Headquarters

Residence of Regional Vicar for the United States.

National Center Foundation524 North Ave 200

New Rochelle, NY 10801 914-632-3778

Foundation name for the Opus Dei North American Headquarters also known as Murray Hill Place located at 243 Lexington Avenue at East 34th Street, New York, NY 10016 212-683-6258
Pontifical Atheneum of the Holy Cross Foundation

524 North Ave Ste 203 New Rochelle, NY 10801 914-632-3778

Provides support for training and education of seminarians from underdeveloped countries at the Pontifical University of Holy Cross in Rome, Italy.

Riverside Study Center, Inc.

330 Riverside Dr New York, NY 10025 212-222-3285

Opus Dei residence for men near Columbia University. Provides facilities for religious and formational activities such as Holy Mass, days of recollection and retreats by priests of Opus Dei.
Rockside Foundation

524 North Ave. Suite 203 New Rochelle, NY 10801 914-632-3778

Guidestar lists Program/Activities as Private Grantmaking Foundations. Provides support to Woodlawn Foundation.
Romana Bulletin, Inc.

524 North Ave., Ste 203 New Rochelle, NY 10801 914-632-3778

Publishes bulletin regarding activities and apostolate of Opus Dei.
Rosemoor Foundation

P.O. Box 1541 Murray Hill Station New York, NY 10156 646-742-2848

Gives grants to Opus Dei-affiliated foundations, including Woodlawn.
The Sauganash Foundation

524 North Ave. 203 New Rochelle, NY 10801 914-632-3778

Guidestar lists Program/Activities as Private Independent Foundation. Provides support to Woodlawn Foundation.
South Bronx Educational Foundation, Inc.

843 Crotona Park N. Bronx, NY 10460 718- 861-1495

The South Bronx Educational Foundation operates full-time summer Service Projects and school year tutoring programs for disadvantaged youth in So. Bronx:

[ Rosedale Center for girls ]Crotona Center for boys

Vancourt, Inc.

80 Lyncroft Rd New Rochelle, NY 10804 914-235-8741

Opus Dei residence for women. Provides religious and spiritual formation.
Woodlawn Foundation 524 North Ave. Suite 203

New Rochelle, NY 10801 914-632-3778

Guidestar lists Program/Activities as Fund Raising and/or Fund Distribution. Gives grants to over 40 Opus Dei-affiliated foundations, including Rosemoor. $14,985,199
Youth Service International, Inc.

330 Riverside Dr New York, NY 10025 212-222-3285 Organizes international service projects in order to "introduce young people who volunteer for these projects to the practice of community service."
Ohio The Mary Foundation

939 Center Rd. Eastlake, OH 44095

Alternate address: 19524 Center Ridge Rd. Suite 4, Rocky River, OH 44116-3617


The Mary Foundation registers two websites: and

Pennsylvania Warwick Foundation, Inc.

(formerly Neville Foundation) 5090 Warwick Ter Pittsburgh, PA 15213 412-683-8448

The organization provides facilities for regularly scheduled religious activities for men.
Rhode Island Mathewson Foundation, Inc.

224 Bowen Street Providence, RI 02906 401-272-7834

Opus Dei Residence for men, located across the street from Brown University's Pembroke Dorm. Provides religious and educational instruction to university students.
Texas Chaucer Drive Study Center, Inc.

5505 Chaucer Dr Houston, TX 77005 713-523-4351

Opus Dei center for men near Rice University.

Sponsor of Veritas Forum at Rice University.

Supports educational and religious programs of formation conducted by Opus Dei.

Featherock Conference Center, Inc.

934 Holub Rd Schulenburg, TX 78956 979-743-4642

Owns and operates a conference and retreat center for spiritual activities.
Holy Cross Chapel and Catholic Information Center, Roman Catholic Diocese of Galveston/Houston

905 Main Houston, TX 77002 713-650-1323

The Director of the Holy Cross Chapel is a priest of Opus Dei.

Montevista Foundation, Inc.

345 E Summit Ave San Antonio, TX 78212 210-732-3065

Opus Dei center for men. Supports religious activities of Opus Dei.
Southgate Foundation, Inc.

1959 University Blvd Houston, TX 77030


Opus Dei center for women. Provides religious and educational services.
Southmore Foundation, Inc.

5505 Chaucer Dr Houston, TX 77005 713-523-4351

Provides religious and educational services, retreats, spiritual counseling, etc.
Wingren Foundation, Inc.

3610 Wingren Rd Irving, TX 75062 972-650-0064

According to the IRS 990 form, the foundation operates a residential center for men in support of religious and educational formation programs conducted by Opus Dei.
Washington DC area (includes Virginia and Maryland) Allview Foundation, Inc.

6404 Allview Dr Columbia, MD 21046 410-730-3040

Teach and foster ethical character development and family values. Provides retreats at the Tidewater Inn, provides seminars, workshops, study circles.
Catholic Information Center

(part of Archdiocese of Wash DC) 1501 K Street, NW Washington, DC 20005 202-783-2062

Director: Rev. William H. Stetson J.C.D.

Chapel to the Blessed Josemaria Escriva on the premises and bookstore. Website:

Heights Foundation Heights, Inc.

10400 Seven Locks Rd Potomac, MD 20854 301-365-4300

The Heights School, Inc. is a college preparatory school for boys -- middle and high school.
Longlea Conference Center

5525 Security Circle

Boston, VA 22713


Revised 5/3/06

"Catholic Group Opus Dei purchases Boston-area estate for use as spiritual center," by Mary Price, Culpepper News, February 12, 2001. "Longlea, an 844-acre estate in Boston, Virginia (80 miles from Washington DC), was sold to Opus Dei, a secretive Roman Catholic organization, for $7.4 million. According to Jack Luther, facilities director at what is to be renamed the Longlea Conference Center, an anonymous donor located the property for Opus Dei and supplied the entire purchase price. According to the Rev. William Stetson, a priest with Opus Dei in Washington, D.C., the property will be used as "a center for spiritual conferences and retreats."
Oakcrest School

850 Balls Hill Road McLean, Virginia 22101 703-790-5450

Oakcrest is a college preparatory school (grades 7-12) for girls
Stonecrest Home Arts, Inc.

4201 43rd St NW Washington, DC 20016


Responsible for the care and maintenance of Opus Dei centers in the Washington area.
Tenley Study Center

4300 Garrison St., NW Washington, DC 20016 202-362-2419

Opus Dei residence for men near American University. Tenley Study Center provides character development for young men between the ages of 15 and 25.
Tysons (Reston) Study Center, Inc.

1801 Reston Pkwy Ste 203 Reston, VA 20190 703-481-1289

Opus Dei center for men. IRS 990 form states they provide classes of Roman Catholic doctrine and spiritual counselling by priests of Opus Dei.
Van Ness Study Center, Inc.

5115 Van Ness St. NW Washington DC 20016 202-362-0763

Opus Dei center for women close to American University. Provides religious and educational classes for women.
Wyoming House

2301 Wyoming Ave NW Washington DC 20008 202-234-1567

Opus Dei center for men near Georgetown University. Provides facilities for religious and formational activities.
Wisconsin Layton Study Center, Inc.

12900 W North Ave Brookfield, WI 53005 262-784-1523

Opus Dei center for men. Gives grants to Rosemoor. Provides cultural and religious classes, retreats, youth programs, etc.
Opus Dei, Inc.

13000 North Ave Brookfield, WI 53005

This organization is not required to file an annual return with the IRS because it is a church.
Petawa Residence and Cultural Center, Inc.

1331 N. Astor Milwaukee, WI 53202


Student residence near Marquette University for college women. Provides activities and programs to help undergraduate and graduate women develop socially and academically. Petawa also runs a Service Project.
Summit Educational Association, Inc.

P.O. Box 13151 Wauwatosa, WI 53213-0151

Also listed under: 1442 North Farwell Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53202

(414) 765-9909


Summit Educational Association is a nonprofit corporation located in the heart of the Hispanic community working with urban Milwaukee families to help their children develop both academically and in character through mentoring, tutoring, and recreational activities. Summit provides one-on-one tutoring for first through eighth grade boys and girls during the school year as well as supplemental summer programs.


Location (by country)
Opus Dei-Affiliated Works
Argentina IAE

Casilla de Correo nº49 - Mariano Acosta s/nº y Ruta Nac. 8 (1629) Pilar Buenos Aires Argentina.

Tel.: +54.2322.48.1000

This Business School is part of the Universidad Austral and has ties with Harvard Business School in Boston; IAE in Buenos Aires; IESE in Barcelona and IPADE in Mexico DF.
Universidad Austral

Avda. Juan de Garay 125 - (C1063ABB) Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires Argentina

Tel: (54 11) 5921 8000

University with offering specialties in Law, Engineering, Information Science, Biomedical Sciences, Business and Health.
Australia Creston College

36 High Street Randwick, NSW, 2031

Phone: (61 2) 9398-5693 Fax: (61 2) 9398-9964.


This college provides accommodation for 25 female students of all nationalities and denominations in a supportive family environment.
Dartbrooke Study Centre

26 Archer Street Chatswood 2067 Australia tel (61) 2-9411-2836

Opus Dei study centre for men.
Eremeran Club

14 Lorne Avenue Killara, NSW 2071 tel (61) 2-9498-5013

This is a girls club run by the women's branch of Opus Dei.
Eremeran Hills Study Centre

33 Glenhaven Road Glenhaven. NSW 2156 Tel: (02) 9894 2873

This is an Opus Dei women’s residence as well as a girls club.
Kenthurst Study Centre

231 Pitt Town Road Kenthurst, NSW 2156 tel (61) 2-9654-9677

This is a conference center in Australia used for spiritual retreats.
Kenvale College

38 High Street Randwick NSW 2031 Australia.

Tel Within Australia: (02) 9314 6213

Tel Outside Australia: 612 9314 6213

Kenvale College is a private, non profit organisation committed to meeting the needs of the Australian Tourism and Hospitality Industry. Kenvale College entrusts pastoral care activities to Opus Dei, a personal Prelature of the Catholic Church. Kenvale College is a project of Foundation For Education and Training Limited (FFET), a non-profit company limited by guarantee.
Mountview Study Centre

31 Alexander Street Sandy Bay, Tasmania 7005 tel (61) 3-6223-8933

Nairana Study Centre

Cnr of Ramsay Road & Weemala Road Pennant Hills. NSW 2120

This is an Opus Dei men’s residence as well as a boys club.
Orchard Hills Preparatory School

140 Bringelly Road Orchard Hills 2748 Tel: (02) 4736 5977

Orchard Hills Preparatory School for Boys (Kindergarten - Year 3)
Redfield College

855 Old Northern Road, Dural; 9651-4066

(Boys - Years 2 to Year 12)
Tangara School for Girls

89-97 Franklin Road, Cherrybrook; 9680-4844

(Girls - Years 2 to Year 12)
Wollemi College

14 Gipps Street, Werrington; 9833-0499

(Boys to Year 10 in 2009)
Montgrove College

140 Bringelly Road, Orchard Hills; 4736-5977

(Girls to Year 5 in 2009)
Tangara Infants

77 Franklin Road, Cherrybrook; 9680-4331

(Boys and Girls - Kindergarten and Year 1)
Retaval Wahroonga

100 Fox Valley Road, Wahroonga; 9487-1298

(Boys and Girls – Reception, Kindergarten and Year 1)
Retaval Belfield

3 Elliott Street, Belfield; 9758-7444

(Boys and Girls - Reception, Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2)
Montgrove Infants

140 Bringelly Road, Orchard Hills; 4736-5977

(Boys and Girls - Kindergarten to Year 2)
The PARED Foundation

839 Old Northern Road, Dural. NSW, 2158 Australia

Tel (02) 9651 1177

Umbrella organization for the following Opus Dei-affiliated schools in Australia: Tangara School for Girls, Redfield College for Boys, Tangara Infants for Boys & Girls, Retaval Infants Wahroonga for Boys & Girls, Retaval Infants Burwood for Boys & Girls, Orchard Hills Preparatory School for Boys.
Southmore Study Centre

27 Red Chapel Avenue Sandy Bay, Tasmania 7005 tel (61) 3-6225-4178

Warrane College

Corner of Anzac Pde and Barker St

Kensington NSW. PO Box 123.


Phone: 02 9662 6199. Fax: 02 9662 2992 Email:

Warrane College is a residence for men at the University of New South Wales. It is located at the south-west corner of the UNSW campus.
Westburne Study Centre

15 Vernon Street, Strathfield NSW 2135 tel (61) 2-9746-6360

Opus Dei study centre for men.
Brazil Centro de Extensão Universitária

R. Maestro Cardim, 370

B. Vista (Metrô S.Joaquim) 01323-000 São Paulo SP Tel. (11) 251-5377

University with schools of law, journalism, education, medicine. Also has special seminars on culture and faith.

Sociedade de Publicações Culturais Rua Iperoig, 604 - Perdizes - CEP 05016-000 - São Paulo - SP C.G.C.: 50.866.276/0001-25 - Ins.Est.: 110.727.465-113 Fone: (55 - 011) 3873-2270 E-mail:

A publisher of books related to

Opus Dei. According to a former member, every member in Brazil has a goal of selling subscriptions of a collection called "Circulo de Leitura" every year.

Colégio Catamarã

Unidade I - Itaim Rua Professor João Brito, 94 Telefax: (11) 3845-0866 CEP 04535-080 São Paulo, SP

Unidade II - Ibirapuera Rua Manoel da Nóbrega, 1440 Tel.: (11) 3887-0794 CEP 04001-004 São Paulo, SP E-mail:

School for children between 2 to 14 years. Is is supported by the institution

called Fomento.

Centro Educacional e Assistencial da Pedreira

Rua José Vieira Martins, 270 São Paulo SP 04466-000, Tel: (11)5611-7121 E-mail:

It is a school located in a poor area of São Paulo, only for boys.
Casa Do Moinho

Av. José Giorgi, 935 Cotia SP 06707-100 Brazil

(11) 4702-2084

Offers classes in hotel and restaurant administration for youths 17-23. The photos on the website are all of women in uniforms doing laundry, cooking, arranging flowers, answering the telephone, etc. The spiritual formation is entrusted to Opus Dei.
Central Social Morro Velho

Rua Pinto Serva, 67 Jardim Taboão São Paulo, SP, Brasil (11) 3743-1145

Cursos profissionalizantes de Secretariado, Auxiliar de Escritório, Telemarketing, Informática, Recepção, Governança, Restaurante e Cozinha
ISE - Instituto Superior da Empresa

R. Maestro Cardim 370 3o. andar 01323 000 São Paulo SP Brasil Tel. 5511 3284-8577

Post-graduate business school with international alliances with IESE, IAE, IPADE, IDE, PAD, and the Universidade de Piura, Peru.

Rua Santa Ernestina, 138 - Paraíso -

São Paulo SP Brasil.

Fone: 11 3284-6286

Offers classes in hotel and restaurant administration, including cooking, administration, answering the telephone, etc. Again the photos are all of women in uniforms dusting the walls, cooking, answering the telephone, etc.
Canada -- click here to see a new website listing even more Canadian foundations. Ernescliff College

156 St. George Street Toronto, Ontario M5S 2G1 416-979-5949

Student residence near the University of Toronto for college men.
Headford Cultural Group

3614 Avenue Du Musee Montreal, QC H3G2C9


Opus Dei-affiliated foundation in Canada. Click to see the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency T3010charitable information form.
Westbrook Education Fund

30633 Downes Road Mount Lehman, BC V4X1Y6


Opus Dei-affiliated foundation in Canada. Click to see the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency T3010charitable information form.
Chile University of the Andes

San Carlos de Apoquindo 2200 Las Condes, Santiago, Chile.

Teléfono 2141258

University offering careers in Administración de Servicios, Law, Nursing, Philosophy, Civil Engineering, Commercial Engineering, Medicine, Dentistry, Teaching, Journalism and Psychology.

Claims Josemaria Escriva was the inspiration for this university.

La Residencia Alborada

Pedro de Valdivia 1150 Santiago, Chile 204 5962 ó 204 7534.

Student residence for men.
Residencia Araucaria

Av. Ricardo Lyon #1168 Santiago, Chile

Student residence for women.
Columbia Universidad de La Sabana

Campus Universitario del Puente del Común Km. 21 Autopista Norte de Bogotá, D.C. 861 5555 / 861 6666 Chía, Cundinamarca, Colombia.

This university offers careers in business, journalism, law, education, nursing, engineering, medicine and psychology.
England Ashwell House

Shepherdess Walk London, N1 7NA Tel. 020-7490-5021 e-mail

University hall of residence for women. Owned by the Dawliffe Hall Educational Foundation.
Dawliffe Hall

2 Chelsea Embankment, SW2 London

Tel: 0207 3521545 E-mail:

Residence for numerary women and home of Tamezin Club.
Dawliffe Hall Educational Foundation

12 Gunnersbury Avenue London, W5 3NJ Tel: 020 8992 4025

Also known as Bay Tree Centre.

The Dawliffe Hall Educational Foundation received a charitable contribution from State Street in 2002.

Greygarth Hall

Lower Park Road, Victoria Park, Manchester M14 5RS. U.K.

Tel: 0161-224 2582

Warden: Dr R P Winstanley

Residence for 20 men.
Kelston Club and Study Centre

159 Nightingale Lane London SW12 8NQ Tel: 020 8673 2242

According to their website, "there's a good study environment and programme of constructive activities for schoolboys from 10 to 18, with young adults under 25 taking a leadership role."
Netherhall Educational Association

18a Netherhall Gardens London NW3 5TH T: +44-20-7794 9996

Umbrella organization for Netherhall House; Kelston, Grandpont House; West Park; Dunreath; Wickenden Manor; Thomas More Institute; Gap Year and Reach Out.

Link to the Extract from the Central Register of Charities maintained by the Charity Commission for England and Wales.

Netherhall House

Nutley Terrace London.NW3 5SA Telephone +44 (0)20 7435 8888. E-mail

Underground: Finchley Road

Netherhall House is an intercollegiate hall of residence for men, situated in a pleasant part of Hampstead.
Oliver House

Oliver House, 7 Nightingale Lane, London, SW4 Tel: 020 8672 3456

Elementary school for boys in SW London.

The sister school for girls is called Oakwood, located in Purley. Both schools are run by the Pact Educational Trust.

See article about the schools.

Tamezin Club

1 Chelsea Embankment London SW3 4LG

Tamezin Club works with girls and young women between the ages of 9 and 25.
Germany ISM Cologne, Germany Internationales Studentinnenwohnheim Müngersdorf, International Hall of Residence for Women Students
Hong Kong Kam Him Center

7 Shiu Fai Terrace United Mansions A1/B1 Hong Kong Phone 2572 7331

article about the center
Ireland Castleville Study Centre

Golf Links Road Castletroy, Limerick IRELAND 353-61-331223

Castleville is a student residence for men near the University of Limerick.
Cleraun Study Centre

90 Foster Avenue Mount Merrion Co. Dublin Tel: 2881734

Cleraun Study Centre provides accommodation for young men attending universities in Dublin such as Trinity College, University College Dublin or The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.
Ely University Centre

10 Hume Street Dublin 2 Tel 6767420 Fax 6761137 Email

Ely University Centre provides accommodation for young men attending universities in Dublin such as Trinity College, University College Dublin or The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.
Glenard University Residence

Roebuck Road Dublin 14 Tel: 2983902 Tel:(01)2983902


Ely University Centre provides accommodation for young women attending universities in Dublin such as Trinity College, University College Dublin or The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.
Gort Ard University Residency,

Rockbarton North, Salthill, Galway Tel 091-523846

A male centre and study residence. Most students are at the National University of Ireland, Galway. Listed on the Galway Diocese webpage.
Lismullin Conference Centre

Navan County Meath Tel. 046-9025139 Chaplain: Rev Gavan Jennings

A retreat house and conference center, often hosting retreats for university students.
Lismullin Institute

44 Westland Row, Dublin 2 Ireland Tel. 6760731 Fax 6760603

Umbrella organization for the Lismullin Conference Centre, Lismullin Hospitality Services Centre, Lismullin House

Tel. 046-9025139, and Lismullin Mews Tel. 046-9026907

Overdale Study Centre

Ennis Road Limerick Tel: 061-326219

Women's student residence near the University of Limerick.
Rockbrook Park School

Rathfarnham, Dublin 16, Ireland Telephone (01) 493 3204 Email

Private school in South Dublin for boys and young men.
Ros Geal University Residence

19 University Road Galway

Tel: 091-524524

Women's student residence near the National University of Ireland, Galway.
Vicar for Ireland:

V Rev Robert Bucciarelli Harvieston Cunningham Road Dalkey County Dublin Tel. 01-2859877

Found on the Diocese of Meath webpage.
Italy Curia of the Prelature and Prelatic Church of Our Lady of Peace

Viale Bruno Buozzi 75 Rome, ITALY 00197


Residence of Most Reverend Javier Echevarria, J.D., J.C.D., Prelate of the Prelature of the Holy Cross and Opus Dei; the Vicar General Rev. Msgr. Fernando Ocariz, Ph.D., S.T.D. and Rev. Thomas Bohlin.
ELIS Centre

Rome Italy

Student Residence for men. There is also an ELIS Club for boys over 14.
La Fondazione Rui (Rui Foundation)

Via Mascheroni, 19 20145 Milano, Italy Tel. (02) 4801.0813 Viale Ventuno Aprile, 36 00162 Roma, Italy Tel. (06) 8632.1281

This is an umbrella organization for 14 Opus Dei-affiliated residence halls and 11 cultural centers in Bologna, Cagliari, Catania, Como, Firenze, Genova, Milano, Palermo, Perugia, Roma, Sassari, Torino, Trieste and Verona. Click on "Addresses" at the top of the page for a complete list.
Pontifical University of the Holy Cross

Piazza di Sant'Apollinare 49 - I 00186 Roma, ITALY Tel: 06681641

This university has schools of Theology, Philosophy, Canon Law and Institutional Social Communications.
Netherlands Club de Borcht

Van Breestraat 37-39 1071 ZG Amsterdam 020-6627807

This is one of the many clubs for children. Club de Borcht is for girls from 6 years and up.
Scholierenklub Lariks

Corellistraat 20 1077 HD Amsterdam Tel. 020-6798130

Scholierenklub Lariks is the club for boys. On it is said that websites of other clubs are coming up.
ISLA Languages

Postbus 90446 1006 BK Amsterdam 020 676 1437

ISLA is a language school.
Stichting De Boog

Keizersgracht 218-B 1016 DZ Amsterdam (0578) 61 51 49

Opus Dei's own publisher in Holland, offering many books on Josemaria Escriva and Opus Dei.
Stichting Europrof

Tilburgseweg 54 5066 BV Moergestel 013 513 22 65

This is a catering establishment (click on Zonnewende.)
Stichting Instudo

Roemer Visscherstraat 46

1054 EZ Amsterdam 020-4700313

Umbrella organization for the Opus Dei-affiliated Student residences in the Netherlands:

Studentenhuis Aenstal, Amsterdam (female);

Studentenhuis Leidenhoven, Amsterdam (male);

Studentenhuis Lepelenburg, Utrecht (male);

and Centrum den Eker, Maastricht (male).

In addition to these student dormitories, there is one for girls in the city of Utrecht (Hogeland) and in the city of Maastricht (Koperwieck). There is also a dormitory in the city of Hengelo.

Keizersgracht 218B 1016 DZ Amsterdam 020-6387941

This organisation offers facilities for conferences and the like.
Kenya Strathmore College

P.O. Box 59857 00200 NAIROBI City Square KENYA Telephone: (254-2) 606155

This college has schools for Information Technology, Accountancy,

Administration and Management. Students must take a compulsory Professional Ethics course and an optional Theology course. There is a category on the website called Strathmore College and Opus Dei.

Mexico Colegio Chapultepec

Centros Educativos Chapultepec, A.C. Ponce de León 115 Ote. Col. Chapultepec C.P. 80040 Culiacán, Sinaloa, México Tel: 7 12 10 38 y 1 15 22 21

School for girls from preschool to high school.
Instituto Chapultepec

Ramón Ponce de León 135 ote. Col. Chapultepec C.P. 80040 Culiacán, Sinaloa, México Tel: (01667) 713.35.82, 716.43.15, 716.43.69

School for boys from elementary school to high school.
Instituto Panamericano de Alta Dirección de Empresa (IPADE)

Floresta 20, Col. Clavería, Delegación Azcapotzalco México, D.F. 02080 Tels. (52) 5354 1800

Business School, also part of the Universidad Panamerica.
Universidad Bonaterra

Departamento de Relaciones Publicas Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer No. 101 Fracca. Rusticos Calpulli Aguascalientes, Ags., C.P. 20290 TEL (449) 910-62-09

One of the universities of the Universidad Panamerica.
Universidad Panamerica Hub university for campuses throughout Mexico -- Aguascalientes


Ciudad de México

Centro de Innovación Aplicada

Peru University of Piura

Av. Ramón Mugica 131. Urb. San Eduardo. Piura. Perú Tlf. (51) 74 - 307777

Offers undergraduate programs in economics, arts and sciences, communications, law, education, engineering, information technology and foreign languages, as well as graduate programs in business and education.
[ Instituto Rural Valle Grande

]Panamericana Sur

Km. 144, San Vicente de Cañete, Lima, Perú

Apartado Postal 70 Telefax:

(511) 581-2261

(511) 581-2469

A corporate work of the Prelature of Opus Dei, this institute contributes to the professional and human development of farmers in the area.
Phillippines Dagatan Family Farm School

Lipa City Phillippines

This school offers a 3-Year Special Secondary Agricultural and Technical Course and a

2-Year Diploma in Entrepreneurship (Agribusiness).

[ Parents for Education

Foundation, Inc. (PAREF)] Units 108/109 Cedar Mansion II J.M. Escrivá Drive San Antonio Village Pasig City Tel. Nos. 631-4292; 631-1695

PAREF schools include

Woodrose, Southridge, Rosemont, Ridgefield, Rosehill, Rosefield, Southcrest,

Westbridge, Northfield, Springdale, Yu Ming

Paref-Northfield School
  1. 107 Sct. Gandia Street

Kamuning Quezon City Tel 929-5615, 928-5956, 416-1642

High school for boys.
Paref-Ridgefield School

Hillsborough Subdivision Bo. Cupang Muntinlupa City 1771 Tel 807-7722

Coeducational school for boys and girls, ages 3 to 5 years old.
Paref-Rosehill School

Sta. Monica Estate Mission Hills Subdivision Antipolo City Tel 650-6412, 650-6382

School for children from preschool through high school.
Paref-Rosefield School

102 Sct. Fuentebella St. Barangay Sacred Heart Kamuning Quezon City Tel. 921-1975

Preparatory School committed towards the solid human and spiritual formation of children ages 3 to 5 years old; Sister School PAREF Southridge and PAREF Woodrose in Alabang and PAREF Northfield in Quezon City
Paref-Rosemont School

Champaca St. corner Rosal St. Ayala Alabang Village Muntinlupa City Tel 850-8904

Classes offered are Nursery 3-4 years old, Junior Kinder 4-5 years old, Senor Kinder 5-6 years old.
Paref-Southcrest School

Sanjercasvil Road Jereza Compound Lahug Cebu City 6000 Tel 233-3791, 232-8048, 231-3989

School for children from Pre-Nursery to Grade 5.
Paref-Southridge School

Hillsborough Subdivision West Service Road Muntinlupa City 1771 Tel 842-0506, 850-0674

School for boys grades 1-12.
Paref-Springdale School

J. Solon St. Lahug Cebu City Tel 032-232-2220, 032-232-2234, 032-233-3158

PAREF Springdale School offers Grade 1 to First Year High School for boys.
Paref-Westbridge School

Magsaysay Village La Paz Iloilo City Tel 320-7442, 508-6891

High School for boys.
Paref-Woodrose School

Acacia Avenue Extension Ayala Alabang Village Muntinlupa City Tel 850-6380

School for girls grades 1-12.
[ Paref-Yu Ming School

]No. 15 Ideal Street Mandaluyong City 717-0498/99

Opus Dei preschool.
Sinagtala Publishers, Inc.

6/F GMA Lou-Bel Plaza Chino Roces Avenue San Antonio Village, Makati City 0712.

(632) 897-1161; (632) 897-1162

Publisher of Opus Dei-related books.
University of Asia and the Pacific

Pearl Drive Ortigas Center Pasig City 1605 Philippines

This university offers courses and degrees in economics, arts and sciences, education, management, communications, politics, nursing, and information technology.
Portugal Colégio Universitário Montes Claros

Centro Universitario de Lisboa. Rua Vera Lagoa, 5. 1600-029 Lisboa. Tel: (21) 722 10 00. Fax: (21) 722 10 07 E-mail:

Offers cultural and formational activities.
Scotland Dunreath Centre

231 Nithsdale Road Glasgow

G41 5HA tel : + (0) 141 427 3236

Dunreath University Centre runs activities for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Dunreath Study Centre is open for schoolboys aged 15 to 18. Dunreath Boys Cub is for boys aged 10 to 14.

Spain Altaviana

C/ Cronista Almela y Vives, 5 46010 - Valencia (España) Tel.: 96 360 44 00

Secondary school for hotel and tourism in Valencia, Spain.
Colegio Mayor Albayzín

Campus Universitario de Fuentenueva, 18002 GRANADA Tel. 958.272962 []

Student residence for men (Colegio Mayor masculino) near University of Granada. For an extensive list of Opus Dei-affilated colegio mayores in Spain, please go to
IESE Business School

Barcelona: Avenida Pearson 21, 08034 Barcelona SPAIN (34) 93-253-4200 Madrid: Camino del Cerro del Águila 3 28023 Madrid SPAIN (34) 91-357-0809

Graduate school of management of the University of Navarra, based in Pamplona, SPAIN.

Top U.S. partner schools include the Harvard Business School, Stanford and The University of Michigan Business School.

Masnou Tecnologia S.L.

Avda de Europa 34, Edificio B 28023 Madrid ( Spain )

Tel. +34.91.799.45.00

Operates the website with links to many Opus Dei-affiliated residences, schools, universities, clubs and business schools around the world.
Santuario de Torreciudad

22391 Torreciudad. Huesca. SPAIN Tel: 974304025

The imposing religious santuary at Torreciudad was constructed with funds from Opus Dei members to honor Escriva, who believed he was cured of a serious childhood illness through the intercession of the Virgin of Torreciudad.
The Studium Foundation

Vitruvio, 3 28006 Madrid

The Studium Foundation's purpose is to promote "the publication and dissemination on a not-for-profit basis of literary works that contribute to the Christian and human education of persons, as well as to promote or participate in cultural activities that have the same character.
University of Navarra 31080 Pamplona

Navarra, Spain 34-948-425600

Josemaria Escriva is the founder of the University of Navarra. It's courses and offerings are quite extensive.
Sweden Ateneum, Valhallavägen 68, 114 27

Stockholm, tel. 08-411 43 44,

for young females

Klubb Bierkan

Tyrgatan 2, 114 27 Stockholm, tel. 08-20 42 50

Youth organization for boys.

Lärkstadens Studiecentrum, Tyrgatan 2, 114 27

Stockholm, tel. 08-20 42 50

center for young men

Mälarföreningen, Friggagatan 10, 114 27 Stockholm tel

and fax 08 - 20 82 75

Unofficial organization

Norrholm-Akademin, Valhallavägen 120,

144 41 Stockholm,

tel. 08-667 44 33

Female organization
Utbildningscentrum Trädlärkan Friggagatan 10, 114 27 Stockholm, tel. 08-21 68 85 Female catering students

Switzerland Studentenhaus Allenmoos

Berninastrasse 85 CH - 8057 Zürich Tel. 01 / 312 00 96 Fax 01 / 312 00 64 e-mail:

Residence for university men in Zurich. During the summer, the residence organises an intensive German course for high school students from Switzerland and abroad.
Venezuela AYSE (Asesoramientos y Servicios Educativos A.C.) Hay una lista de Centros de Enseñanza en Venezuela.
Colegio Los Arcos

Urb. Las Esmeraldas Calle Los Arcos, La Trinidad VENEZUELA Telefono: 945.3344

School for grades 1 - 12.
Colegio Los Campitos

urb. los campitos ruta c, apartado 80458

Caracas - Venezuela Teléfonos: (212) 977.16.95 /17.68

School for girls from preschool through high school.
Centro de Orientación Familiar (COFAM)

Av. 26 con calle 70 No. 70-18 Sector Sta. María, Quinta COFAM

Maracaibo, VENEZUELA 061-511195

This is a center for family values.